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    Today’s fire personnel face higher levels of danger performing their duties than they did several years ago. It is now more crucial than ever, that fire service workers have good understanding of Carbon Monoxide (CO). The smoke that firefighters were exposed to 20 or 30 years ago is not the same as it is today. Carbon Monoxide attaches to the oxygen molecules in the body, preventing oxygen from reaching vital organs, which will cause you to suffocate in a short amount of time.

    We lose around 70 firefighters each year. Cardiac-related fatalities are the number one cause of death for fire service workers, with traumatic injuries at number two, and asphyxiation at number three. It is a common misconception that all CO-related deaths are caused by asphyxiation. Cardiac-related fatalities can also be attributed to CO exposure. Sensorcon offers a self-contained CO detector that can be attached to a firefighter’s turnout gear, and viewable while wearing an SCBA.

    Inspector Industrial Pro

    Components of the Inspector

    1. Sensor Inlet - Featuring a 200ppm range with an extended range of up to 2000ppm to detect all levels of CO while performing duties on the job.

    2. Visual Alarm - Featuring LED lights with a vibration mode. This lets the firefighter know when the alarm set points are reached. It is factory set to 35ppm low and 200 ppm high but can easily be adjusted to suit various needs.

    3. LCD Screen - Featuring an LCD/LED real time display that is viewable when wearing an SCBA. All features and modes are located on it.

    4. Audible Buzzer - The audible alarm reaches 80-85 db. It is slightly quieter than P.A.S.S. Alarms.

    5. Max Mode - Max Mode displays the maximum CO level you are exposed to.

    For further information please refer to our application notes: